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1. Who can be a distributor?

Web Designers, Freelance
Developers of web and multimedia applications.
Graphic designers and advertisers who are not experts on web
Web application in PHP and MySQL
Business Marketing, etc. ..

2. What is the initial deposit?

It is a deposit in advance, you need to add funds to your account and to start doing business. Each time you make a purchase, the funds will be deducted from your balance. In order to begin to sell, you have to make a minimum initial deposit of U.S. $ 33.50, however, can also make an initial deposit of $40, $ 50 or more ...

3. Does the initial deposit I can use, or is an activation fee?

The initial deposit, or any funds that are added to your account in advance are fully utilized by you to buy hosting and domains .

4. Do you charge for activation or registration fee? Are there hidden costs to become a distributor?

No, do not charge any activation or registration fee. Nor do we have any hidden cost. We follow a system of payment. This means, for resale, the first thing to do is register and then add funds. Each time you purchase will be reduced from your available balance. This advance deposit is fully used by You.

5. Should I pay every time you register a domain and buy a hosting plan?

No, because we work with a deposit in advance. This means that in order to resell, you must first fund your account in advance, and every time you buy it will reduce the available balance in your account.

6. Will the domain .com .net have a discount in the first month?

It is correct, once it is registered, the .com and .net domains will have a discount in the first month (registration or transfer), after the period will have the costs shown in the price table.
If you maintain a range of 8 to more sales and / or renewals per year, the price will remain with Distributor 1, otherwise the products will have the Distributor 2 prices.

7. How'll buy Hosting and Domain?

Filling out the form click here , then your account may check the available balance. For example if your current balance is $ 40.00, then buy a domain. Com and hosting plan 1, US $ 8.90 + US $ 6.96, your available balance will be $ 24.14.

8. What will happen once the initial deposit is exhausted?

Once your initial deposit runs out, you can recharge your account with a minimum value of
US $ 33.50, however it can be recharged with an amount exceeding $ 40, $ 60 ... $ 100, etc.

9. What happens if I recharge my account with less than US $ 33.50?

You will not be able to resell the services and the amount will not be added to your account, the recharge and orders will remain pending until you complete the minimum amount of US $ 33..

10. What if I place an order, and no money in my account?

If you do not have "available balance", the order stays on "pending state execution." The order will be executed once to add funds.

11. How much I can resell hosting plans and domain?

Each distributor is free to sell the plans to price it deems appropriate, profits can reach over 100% for example, plan 1 can sell for U.S. $ 15.00 ($ 6.96 cost, profit is 115%), domain . com, you can resell to US $ 14.00 (US $ 8.90 cost, profit is 57%).

12. What is the difference between Distributor 1 and Distributor 2?

To keep prices Distributor 1 only has to be made from 8 to more sales and / or renovation sthroughout the year, eg recorded in January 2011, automatically you start your business with price of Distributor 1 and in January 2012 you sold >=8 to more accounts (transfer, registration or renewal) is ensured by one year the prices stay as Distributor 1 (every year there is a count of sales) - see table of prices .

Note.- If you keep 8 more sales and / or renovation each year, you will continue with the prices of Distributor 1, between 4 and 7 sales, prices of Distributor 2, less than 4 sales, prices of MilesDeWeb.

13. What happens if I do not sell between 4 and 7 accounts as Distributor 2?

If your sales are less than 4 then the prices will be as MiLesDeWeb .

If during 2 years I do not perform movements (0 sales) and do not have a balance, the account is automatically suspended..

14. My client can switch to another plan?

You can switch to another plan, once finalized the contract of one year, if you do it before the expiration date, you should buy a new plan (more info contact us).
If you change from a Standar Linux to a plan of Business Linux will need to transfer the files by creating a backup.

15. What are the payment methods for the initial deposit?

We receive payments from anywhere in the world Click here to see the methods to add funds.

16. What gives our Distributor program compared with other providers known?

We know the competition is tough, so we offer:

  • The lowest market cost.
  • You do not have to pay monthly, or annual subscription fees as competition.
  • The initial deposit is the lowest compared to the competition.
  • Support our language and Domain Panel.

17. Can I buy hosting for 1 or 3 months?

Some Web Hosting plans are contracted for 12 or 6 months, SSL Certificates are contracted for 12 months. VPS, Dedicated Servers and E-mail may be purchased per month.

18. I made a payment of $ 33.50 via PayPal, but my account has been credited with a lower amount. Can I start to resell?

All Paypal payments are credited to your account Distributor (only after checking the PayPal transaction in payment status: Completed). From just $ 33.50 adding dollars to your account and may resell. A smaller amount will be credited to your account.

Note .- The payments made ​​through PayPal has a retention of 4.99% + 0.50 cents per transaction, ie the balance will be U.S. $ 31.33, in the case of sending money through Western Union or Money Gram is added funds collected intact, because the client assumes the charge of sending.

19. I've added the initial deposit via PayPal. When can you start sell?

If you have used a Verified PayPal account (been completed), your account is already funded to start your business.

20. Can I buy only domain?

In this system you can NOT buy single domain with prices Distributor 1 or Distributor 2, but if you can buy with prices MilesDeWeb.

You can buy a plan Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates, Business Email, Premium Email and Website Builder. because sometimes customers have registered a domain.

Important: Buy only domains with prices MiLesDeWeb is not considered a sale, the services purchased with the price of Distribuitor 1 or Distribuitor 2 are accounted for as sales, Example: If during the year you buy 6 accounts of Hosting and Domain + 3 accounts only Web hosting + 4 domain accounts only, Total sales = 9 (4 domains are not considered, because be with prices MiLesDeWeb).

21. How to renew a service?

Filling out the form click here . Each distributor is responsible for communicating to its customers on the renewal date of the service concerned.

22. What if I do not renew the service from a client?

The service will be suspended but you can renew it without problems for a period of 15 or 20 days after the account will be deleted, "Sell Hosting and" not responsible for loss of data stored on the service.

23. I have a balance available, but I do not want to be Distributor - I can get that money?

The amounts added or balances available not refundable, but you can transfer it to another distributor just one time.

24. Are the prices in the Distributor Panel are different prices that you offer?

Distributor panel prices are referential, discounts are made ​​based on the prices listed here.

25. What if there is a price change?

If you give the case of a price change will be announced on our Facebook account. The new prices will always be applied to new orders or renewals but there is never a charge for sales already made and executed.

26. As a distributor, Can I offer my clients promo?

If you can offer your clients the promotions we offer which are within the distributor panel.

27. Can I use the ICANN logo on my website?

You can only report that is a distributor of an ICANN accredited registrar, but can not use the ICANN logo on your site.

28. What are the Terms and Conditions of Service and Domain Hosting?

Click on the following link: Terms and Conditions Hosting - Domain.

29. Can I offer technical support? How do I support my customers?

MilesDeWeb Technical Service is at your service to guide and help you better manage your account. We have video tutorials that show the main features of Cpanel and Domain Panel, if in doubt you can contact us at support area.

30. How do I start to become a distributor?

Simple! Just Register to activate your account and then starts add funds. Soon you can sell hosting and domain.

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